Originally coming from San Francisco, California, where I attended college - studying anthropology and media studies - I came to Poland not long after the fall of communism in 1992, and have been witness to, and an active part of, the tremendous transformation that Poland has undergone.

In the many years of my professional teaching career I have worked in numerous schools in, and around Warsaw, such as: Shakespere’s School, Akademos, British Amercian School, Linguarama, Archibald, Angloville, the Polish Academy of Sciences, and for 18 years as a senior instructor at Berlitz.

I have taught a great number of students of all ages - from 5 to 75 - and from all walks of life. From board members and senior managers of some of the largest domestic and international firms and banks in the country, government officials, officers in the Polish military, people in the legal sector, scientists and doctors, people working in the media, as well as popular media celebrities such as actors, singers and presenters.

Learn English

This wide ranging experience, I believe, has had a great benefit on my ability to model my teaching style to the particular needs of my clients. Having a somewhat unconventional approach to teaching - which may use whatever materials I feel would be most effective - I bring a passion and devotion for helping all my clients to improve their communication skills and to reach their goals, achieving their fullest potential.

Beside teaching English, I also work as a copywriter/editor and proofreader for professional publications, as well as a vocal talent doing dubbing and “lector” recording.

When not teaching, I have many interests, such as: music (I play guitar, keyboards, write, and sing), travelling (35 countries so far), cooking (especially Asian), reading (almost anything), and outdoor sports (mountain biking, snowboarding, sailing). But my overwhelming passion is martial arts, which I've been practicing since childhood. I currently hold a third level master’s degree in Wing Tsun Kung Fu, and I'm an assistant instructor at a Kung Fu school, here, in Warsaw.

Other Services:

Private instruction

Private Instruction

From absolute beginner to university professor, I have a programme that will suit you, and the experience to know how to implement it in a fun, effective way, and with no stress.

I will give you what you need to start speaking the way you want.



For over 8 years, I have been doing vocal recording and overdubbing in a variety of interesting jobs, such as: English e-books, teaching materials, video games, audio guides, promotional films and animated films.

And many, many others.

I offer:

  • * Individualized programs of English language intruction suited to your needs and requirements
  • * Correction of grammar and pronunciation
  • * Preparation for public speaking - meetings and presentions
  • * Preparation for business negotiations
  • * Copywriting/editing and proofreading for publication
  • * Overdubbing and vocal talent
  • * Informal conversation
  • * Travel to your location – office or home